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Learn the Language of Jazz and Popular Music

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Learn how to play piano using the Bill Duna piano method. There is no mystery to creating jazz and popular music. Music is a unique art form created by using a precise set of rules. These rules can be learned using my unique and innovative piano method.

My piano method will reduce the time it will take you to play at the professional level. It is based on simple formulas, which use mathematics and logic to break apart the basic structure of music.

Musical structures are mathematical in nature. An understanding of these structures is essential to developing a musical vocabulary. Like learning to speak you will be able to use your music vocabulary to create and express ideas that flow effortlessly in the styles of Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, George Shearing, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock and more.

Using my piano method you will learn how to:

  • Construct chords in open & closed harmony
  • Create interesting & complex harmonies
  • Compose & arrange your own songs
  • Improvise over chord progressions
  • Effective practicing routines
  • Play using advanced styles

There are no books available for what I will teach you. So why Wait! For customized jazz piano instruction that will get you playing the way the professionals do, contact me for private lessons.

Bill Duna Playing Piano

Musical improvisation is much like speaking in that we use learned vocabulary to formulate and express ideas that ultimately flow effortlessly as we speak
- Bill Duna

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